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Tada falls near Chennai review | Best waterfalls near Chennai

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Tada trekking

Tada falls near chennai

To admire beautiful places, you got to set out on an adventure. The Tada falls also known as Ubbalamadugu Falls lie inside the dense forest of the Siddalaiah Kona in the Kanmbakam hills. Tada falls is the perfect trek + waterfall combo. Trekkers from Chennai and Andhra Pradesh visit them frequently. It has become a popular weekend “beat the heat” spot for trekking, diving and family entertainment.

Tada falls entry fees

Entry Fee:

Person(Each) – Rs.20.00

Two Wheeler – Rs.50.00
Camera – Rs.50.00
Auto – Rs.60.00
Four Wheeler(Car,Jeep) – Rs.200.00
Heavy Vehicle(Bus, Mini Bus, Van, Tempo, Lorry) – Rs.300.00

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM

The Tada falls is open from 6 am and close at 6 pm, sometimes earlier for safety measures. The perfect time to start your trek is 9 am and be back by 4 pm. Most cops won’t check the camera. So you need not pay for them. Two-wheelers and four-wheelers can be taken to the spot.

Tada falls from chennai and other places

The Tada falls is located 100 kms from Chennai and Nellore. Srikalahasti Temple visitors of can visit the tada falls as it is only 85 kms away. It is located exactly in the Chennai – Andhra Pradesh border. Visitors and trekkers have to go through Varadaihpalem village. Vehicles can take you 10 kms inside Tada and the rest 3 kms have to trek. Also, there is another spot where you can skip the trekking part and reach the top easily in the vehicle itself, preferable for families.

My experience at Tada falls

Tada falls

“Oh! Your stylish hats and branded caps, but nothing is much qualitative than our sloppy barret.”

Three years of NCC adventure had to come to an end. Endless commands with full josh punishments had to come to an end. From 10-day camps to 30-day mountaineering camps, from 6-day trek camps to 15-day para jump camps, needed an end. Little did I know it was just a small break and a kick start to a different lifestyle. We, the cadets of 1 [TN] signal company seriously needed a meet-up, a farewell before we get split up into different directions.

A royal lunch?  Nah! A day at an amusement park? Nah!

We wanted a perfect lunch with absolute amusement in our way.

Yes! We planned for a trek; a falls located 90 km from Chennai – Tada falls

We started around 5:30 a.m. from Chennai and reached Tada by 7:30 a.m. People in Tada understand Telugu and Tamil comfortably. As soon as we reached Tada, the waterfall was located around 20km from the town. When we entered the town, there were a lot of local shops where we can have Breakfast.

We got a good Andhra Breakfast. Do try the Bondas at the local shops. We glided along with the signboards to reach the destination. There are quite high chances that one could miss the place while driving on a beautiful four-lane road on a traffic-free weekend. Paid parking is available. Listen carefully; do not leave any eatable in your bike front cover cos when your back monkeys would have ruined everything.

Signboards through the path guided us throughout the trek. We crossed a Small Bridge nearby which is a place, especially for families. Depth will be low and stream speed will slow too. One of our cadets wore very tiny shots and was careless that he got bit by a red ant AKA Fire ant. Be careful guys!

Tada trekking

The moment we moved a little away from the common crowd, came to a Jaw opening view of the mountains. We did halt there to close the jaws; meanwhile, our mountaineer cadet went halfway through in. The kid gets excited when he sees green mountains. We always kept in mind what our army officers taught us at the Trek camps – “Follow the water stream; it’ll take you to the destination”. Though there were signboards everywhere we moved alongside the stream to reach the first falls.

Guys! if you are trekking for the first time, do not rush at a faster pace, you’ll eventually get tired or hurt yourself while climbing. Woodland trek shoes/ boots are preferable.

A few meters ahead, the lead cadet stopped making us wonder why?. He did put us in Aww. Blue and black turquoise butterflies aside a small pool of water flying Tada everywhere. 

All of a sudden there was a heavy noise of water splashing. Within a blink of an eye, I realized what happened and my guess was right. We got hyped and jumped into a 20ft pool. The kid never knows to control his adrenaline. Advice to others, dive in only if you have prior experience in swimming.

Freshened up and marched towards the destination, Tada falls. A year back, we set up a camp near the DudhSagar waterfalls, Goa. Memories went in rewind the moment I saw the milky white water flowing from a 100 – 200 ft. cliff.  The ideal time to visit Tada falls is between October and March where approximately 15,000 greater flamingos along with pelicans, kingfishers, herons and ducks visit Tada falls. Instead, we made him look at the bags until we enjoyed the water.

No wonder, our bags were left alone for the monkeys within a few minutes. Cooked the perfectly sliced chicken with rice and fresh fruit dessert.

Not in dreams did our 1 [TN] signal company cadets imagine a farewell like this. I wish the NCC officials plan on taking the cadets after their Certificate examinations, A perfect farewell to end the three year NCC journey.

Tada waterfalls

Is Tada falls safe for ladies?

I have seen all-girls gang trek to Tada falls. It is completely safe for ladies and gets to go place for families too. The Andhra Police have secured the place and made sure that alcohol isn’t taken inside the trek/ waterfall. So, indecent behaviour won’t be seen anywhere. Nowadays, women trekkers to Tada falls has significantly increased and has become one of the safest and best spots for women.

Tada falls opening time

The tada falls opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm every day. However, it is suggested to vacate the place by 5 pm as it might get darker soon in the monsoon and winter season

Is there water in Tada waterfalls now?

Yes, water in tada falls will be there in all seasons. Especially, in the monsoon season, you can enjoy the view. I suggest you take spare clothes

Best waterfalls around Chennai

You can take one weekend and visit at least 3 waterfalls. if you have enough time in hand, you should always visit the Nagalapuram falls. Also, in this location, (i.e) from Chennai and Andhra Pradesh, there are quite a few waterfalls that one must visit.

How to reach Tada falls near chennai?

Tada falls is located 100kms from Chennai. There are buses from the Koyambed bustand. I’d suggest going on a two-wheeler or car ride. From Chennai, you have to go to Puduvoyal to reach Gummidipundi. These locations are available on Google maps. Visitors and trekkers have to go through Varadaihpalem village. Vehicles can take you 10 kms inside Tada and the rest 3 kms have to trek. Also, there is another spot where you can skip the trekking part and reach the top easily in the vehicle itself, preferable for families.

Tada falls after lockdown

Tada falls is open now after Covid19 lockdown. Safety measures are taken by the Andhra police.

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